Vacuum Excavation

vacuum excavationExcavation projects can be a complicated situation. Even when underground facilities are properly located, the process of excavation can cause significant damage. Therefore, this can result in devastating project costs.

When it comes to maintaining the integritiy of the pipeline, traditional methods such as pavement breakers are expensive and unreliable.  Gasline Service Company’s vacuum excavation service provides the perfect solution to this complex issue.

Vacuum excavation is a simple solution.  It is designed to improve the efficiency and the safety with which utility professionals expose underground utilities.  Instead of digging by hand, vacuum excavation employs the use of highly pressurized air directed into the ground.  This expands and splits the soil into small pieces that are subsequently recovered by the vacuum.

There are several distinct advantages to using this method over more conventional practices.

Pressurized Air Means Safety First

First of all,  is the increased safety pressurized air affords the application. Pressurized air is one of the safest components to work with. The air penetrates the soil disrupting the particles but compresses and flows around buried utilities.

This provides a safer process than digging by hand.  Also, it is safer than using water which has the ability to cut through utilities as well as the soil.  By using compressed air, Gasline Service Company can essentially eliminate the threat of damage to the utility itself.

Zero Damage to the Road Base

The second biggest advantage vacuum excavation provides is the cost-saving nature of the application. The air-based application also works perfectly to keep the soil dry.This makes it the ideal solution for backfill. Being able to re-use the soil helps maintain lower costs.

Reduction in Pot Hole Costs

Vacuum excavation is a highly efficient process that requires less than 2 feet for a typical opening. This small opening is all that is needed to disrupt the soil and allow the vacuum to suck up the loosened soil. By reducing the amount of damage to the nearby surrounding environment of the excavation site, vacuum excavation provides some clear advantages over manual digging or using heavy machinery like a backhoe.

Vacuum excavation is a well-tested and proven technique to substantiate the location of underground utilities. This simple process can save you more money than you would spend on more conventional techniques while doing the job at a lower risk of harming the utilities themselves. The process is highly efficient and even uses the vacuumed particles as back fill that can be returned to the site.

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