Flange Leak Repair

flange leak repair

Flange leak repair

Cracks cause leaks in numerous places.  Therefore, it takes expert machinery to ensue a full flange leak repair.

Split Sleeves

First,the split sleeves create a superior seal to help secure the leak. This increases the long-term reliability of the repair.  It ensures that leaks will not reoccur causing more problems in the future.Easy installation, saves time and money.

Secondly, split sleeves can be modified to accommodate additional components in proximity to the flange.  They are compatible with a vast range of flange types and classes, and cover existing repairs or stop-gap measures.

Therefore, a reasonable solution is a split sleeve, because it is equipped to handle a variety of conditions.

In conclusion, the element of customization gives you the control to select the exact sleeve that you need to handle your situation.

Certified Professionals

Gasline Service company has a certified team of professionals that will be able to guide you.  Contact our experts today to create the perfectly engineered solution for your problem.

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