Cathodic Protection in Pittsburgh, PA

Pipelines operating under soil and water based surfaces leave themselves vulnerable to damaging rust and corrosion.   Therefore, corrosion can eat away at the surface of the pipe and severely damage the integrity of the pipeline. If the problem remains unaddressed the pipe can not be salvageable. As a result, there is no other option but to fully replace pipes that have endured too much corrosion.

We can protect your pipes from the invasion of corrosion and rust.

We provide premium cathodic protection for valuable, vulnerable, and at-risk equipment. Cathodic protection relies on the application of an electrical DC current.  This current floods the surface of the pipe. This current removes the potential difference between different sections of the pipe.  Because this slows down it possibly stops the process of corrosion.  As long as the current remains intact, the pipe will remain protected.

Each situation is different.

In conclusion, each protection situation is different due to the variation caused by different soils and metals used in the pipe. Our highly qualified team of experts can help you evaluate the necessary details to ensure that your pipe is protected in the absolute best way possible.

Our cathodic protection systems are comprised of four main components:

  •  Electrolytes
  •  An Anode System
  •  A Cable to Connect
  •  Provisions

We get it right the first time.

It is important to make sure that the current is flowing.   Applying too much current can result in the form of damaging coating systems.  Also, in some cases can even cause certain metals to break.  We pride ourselves on making sure each cathodic protection application is specifically engineered to meet the exact needs of your pipeline. 

In conclusion, if you have an unprotected pipe or a pipe that has begun to show signs of corrosion.   Call Gasline Service experts today to get the right cathodic protection system in place. Our application of sacrificial anodes provides component protection for your infrastructure, minimizing damage and preventing the need for change-outs and repair.

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