Split Repair Sleeve

split repair sleeve

When corrosion and third party damage cause failure in your pipeline, you need a solution that is as unique as the leak it creates. Our experts diagnose the problem area and develop the best course of action to repair the leak. Not only must the new piece resolve the leaking issue, it must be designed to withstand the demand and pressure that that section of the pipe supplies.


Gasline Service Company specializes in the fabrication of custom split repair sleeves.   Every leak is unique, so we carefully analyze the problem through a series of tests. Therefore, we create a solution using Solidworks. After determining the best model to meet the necessary specifications, our expert machining team then makes the concept into reality,  creating the custom split repair sleeve that keeps gas companies on top of pipeline leaks.

split repair sleeveSplit repair sleeves are available for both steel and cast iron pipelines. They come in a variety of styles to perfectly match your pipe’s size, length, and pressure needs. Split repair sleeves can be easily modified to fit any requirement. Sleeves can be seal welded onto the pipe or simply bolted on.

There are some distinct advantages to using a split repair sleeve over gluing seals and other non-metallic composite materials.

Split repair sleeves supply a quick fix that can save your company time and money. They are purposefully designed to be installed on stream.  They allow you to continue service without the costly consequence of shutting down the carrier line while maintenance is performed.   Sleeves completely enclose pit holes, splits, and corrosion leaks. In making direct contact with the pipe, split sleeves cover a wide surface area.  This maximizes the effectiveness of the seal and makes them perfectly suited to be a permanent repair.  All fittings are rigorously tested to ensure that the application will operate up to standard.

If you are searching for the perfect solution for a split or corrosion leak,  and want a product that will provide a superior value in terms of both cost and performance.   Contact us today at Gasline Service.

split repair sleeve