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Custom Part Manufacturing. Shortest Lead Times Around.

custom part manufacturingOur expert team of machinists can handle even the most demanding CNC machining projects in Pittsburgh and beyond.

We operate our CNC mills with precision and to exacting standards. We can work with you to develop based on specific drawings, or work with you to prototype a part. Our team is proficient in SolidWorks and can work with your company to create a custom machined solution that is perfect for your needs.

drill rod repairCapabilities

Our team of machinists are experts in their fields and are constantly working to increase the proficiency and efficiency of our shop to create the highest quality products in the shortest lead times around.

We are excited to announce we recently purchased a new CNC lathe for the machine shop. The Haas TL-3B sets the standard for operation, repeatability, and accuracy.

Here is a list of some other key features and capabilities that the Haas TL-3B has to offer CNC machining in Pittsburgh.

maximum machining diameterWide Array of Specifications

It is critical to know what type of work each machine in your shop is capable of performing.

The Haas TL-3B is designed to handle a large variety of applications and comes equipped with outstanding capacity.

  • Maximum machining diameter of 30”
  • 60” travel
  • 40HP
  • 8-1/2” spindle bore
  • 25” dual chucks

Additional standard features on the machine include built-in thread repair cycles, traveling chip guard, and manual hand wheels. The inclusion of these features combines the precision of a manual operation with greater speed, strength, and flexibility. The TL-3B is a continuation of the newer CNC lathe trend that is replacing multi-spindle models and fully use modern processes. The conversion to modern processes results in better efficiency and a higher quality product for our customers.

custom part machiningAutomatic Modes and Full CNC

Equipped with the Haas Intuitive Programming System machine operators no longer have to use fully manual machines. The Haas intuitive programming system also benefits operators by using a simplified proprietary conversational operating system. This operating system assists by walking operators through step by step the necessary tasks to machine a specific part.

The Haas TL-3B comes with a 15” color LCD monitor that displays the easy three step process to make any part. You simply select the type of operation, define the specific cutting operation, fill in the required information, and hit the cycle start option. This simple procedure eliminates wasted time and gets you your solution faster.

Our Commitment

We are dedicated to employing the highest quality workforce and equipping them with the necessary tools to create the finest custom machined solutions in the Pittsburgh and Western, Pa area. The recent acquisition of the Haas TL-3B is simply the latest step in our goal to provide you with the highest quality service and the best customization the industry has to offer.

The next time you face a problem that requires CNC machining in Pittsburgh and the Western Pa area, please call Gasline Service Company and experience our helpful team of experts in the machine shop first hand.

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