gas-pipe-encapsulation-gasline-service-company-300x225One of the most prevalent dangers to pipe integrity in cast iron pipes is joint leakage. Over the course of time, the packing material used to seal joints in the pipeline becomes dried out causing the joint to fail. The best method for addressing this issue is gas pipe encapsulation.

Gas pipe encapsulation works from the simple principle that gas cannot flow from an area of low pressure to an area of high pressure. Instead of replacing the pipes, encapsulation molds are fitted in place around the joint. After the mold is in place, it is injected with a synthetic rubber that acts as a sealant and is then pressurized to stop the leak. This practice is most effective in low and medium pressure lines.

Gas pipe encapsulation is a trusted process that offers a quick solution to your leak and can be counted on to hold for the entire life of your pipeline. 

Our unrivaled encapsulation technology separates Gasline service from every other provider. We have the requisite knowledge and expertise you need to get the job done right. We provide two basic types of molds designed to handle the demands of each individual situation, bag molds and cast molds.

Pipe specifications make each mold better suited for certain leak situations.

Bag Molds

Bag Molds are available for pipe diameters of 2 inch. to 36 inch. pipe. This type of epoxy mold technology can be tested for up to 25 lbs of pressure.

Gasline Service offers detailed training on creation of bag molds and that equip you to master your own repair techniques.

Cast Molds

Cast Molds are available for pipe diameters from 2 inches. to 20 inches. standard wall pipe.

Gasline Service Company also offers Cast Molds for 10 inch heavy wall pipe as well. Each Cast Mold is thoroughly tested before being shipped.  We go well beyond the industry standard, testing each mold at 600 psi even though recommended operating pressure is 100 psi to insure that the mold can be relied upon as a permanent repair.

We understand that every situation is unique. That’s why we manufacture custom encapsulation split sleeves tailored specifically to handle any type of joint or fitting.  We can produce your very own custom encapsulation sleeve with only one 1 week of lead time required.