Flange Leak Repair

flange leak repairFlange leak repair is not a simple task. It takes expert machining and problem solving to ensure a full flange leak repair. This process is complicated by the precise location of the leak. Leak-causing cracks can formulate in numerous places, including the gaskets, the welding surrounding the flange, and even the flange itself. The compromised area often forces companies to interrupt their service and shut down the pipeline while the repair is performed.

Customized split sleeves provide a simpler solution to flange leak repair.

Split sleeves are carefully crafted to envelop the entirety of the flange and come into contact with the pipe. In making direct contact with the pipe, split sleeves create a superior seal that do not require the use of any sealants to help secure the leak.

This increases the long-term reliability of the repair ensuring that leaks will not reoccur causing more problems in the future. You can be comforted knowing that the solution you selected is permanent.

Long-term durability does not come at the price of efficiency.

In addition to being durable, the split sleeve is also a highly efficient option for flange leak repair. The application is quick and easy to install. The installation process is designed to take place without disconnecting gas flow from the pipeline. This saves your company valuable time and money by minimizing lost production.

Our split sleeves can be modified to accommodate additional components in proximity to the flange.  The sleeves are compatible with a vast range of flange types and classes. Split sleeves can also be formatted to cover existing repairs or stop-gap measures.

The split sleeve is equipped to handle a wide variety of conditions making it a reasonable solution no matter where your pipe is located. The element of customization gives you the control to select the exact sleeve that you need to handle your situation.

Our certified team of professionals will be able to guide you every step of the way to ensure that the split sleeve you select will specifically be designed to address the job you need it to perform.

Contact Gasline Servie experts to partner with you to create the perfectly engineered solution for your problem.

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