welcomeGas Pipeline Repair

Gasline Service Company has a primary mission to relieve operational and maintenance difficulties encountered by gas utilities with aging infrastructure. We offer methods of repair that seal off leaks without the need for bypasses or pipeline shutoffs. This is all while reducing economic impact to the customer.


First of all, when compared with other pipeline repair methods, Gasline Service can provide a cost effective solution to almost any pipeline problem.


Gas Pipe Fittings

Gasline Service experts have years of experience and expertise.   We have developed and refined an array of repair solutions that stop gas pipeline leaks fast.  We carry a variety of stock and custom split sleeve repair assemblies.  As a result, our expert team of designers and machinists are dedicated to serving the needs of the natural gas industry.

welcomeCustom Part Machining

Our machine shop is centered around CNC manufacturing and the shortest lead times in the industry.  In conclusion, Gasline Service can easily manufacture a design solution submitted from your engineers.

Contact us today to learn how our professional machinists can get you the part you need, and fast.